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ICDSP 2019

February 24-26, 2019 | Jeju Island, Korea

2019 3rd International Conference on Digital Signal Processing has been successfully held in Jeju Island during February 24-26, 2019. We would like to thank the members of the Technical Program Committee and the Organizing Committee. We are also indebted to those who served as chairmen, keynote speakers and invited speakers. Without their support, this conference could not have been considered successful. 


                                   Prof. Erchin Serpedin                                 Prof. Franklin Bien


                Prof. Junchul Chun                                                    Prof. Yasuhiro Matsuda


                                 Prof.Ir Dr Goi Bok Min                              Best Presentation Winner: Bogong Su


Best Presentation Winner: Kikuo Asai                   Best Presentation Winner: Richard Monreal

ICDSP2019 proceedings  

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