February 23-25, 2024 | Hangzhou, China

The 8th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (ICDSP 2024) marked a momentous occasion, bringing together researchers, academics, and industry professionals from around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas. The conference was held in Hangzhou during February 23-25, 2024, which adopted a hybrid format of online and offline modes for the very first time since the end of the global coronavirus pandemic, providing participants with increased flexibility and accessibility.

ICDSP2024 proceedings | ACM ICPS ISBN: 979-8-4007-0902-9

Plenary Session


Coffee Break & Networking

Cocurrent Sessions

Best Presentation Awards:

Session 1: Image recognition and detection technology
Ziqin Xiong, from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
With the paper ID DC032Titled:
Human Motion Recognition Method of UWB Radar Based on Range-Doppler Dual-Channel Fusion ViT Model

Session 2:Communication System and Signal Analysis
Yanjiang Li, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
With the paper ID DC004 Titled:
Automatic Modulation Classification Under Large Frequency Offset: A Robust Approach Integrating Pre-classification and Compensation Mechanism

Session 3: Digital Learning and Digital Technology Literacy
Mikhail Voronin from Moscow State University, Russia
With the paper ID DC030 Titled:
A New HDR Video Reconstruction Benchmark, Dataset and Metric

Session 4: Intelligent Image Analysis and Processing Methods
Mary Jane Samonte from Mapua University, Philippines
With the paper ID DC2013 Titled:
Grand challenge of image processing in automatic detection of vehicles running red lights

Session 5: Next generation communication systems and signal analysis
Wanwan Li from University of Tulsa (TU), USA
With the paper ID DC043 Titled:
PM4Music: A Scriptable Parametric Modeling Interface for Music Visualizer Design Using PM4VR